European Traditions

California Dreams

Our boutique lesson program is designed to teach students the traditions of European horsemanship and riding, in a dreamy Southern California setting. We like to keep our community small (no more than 40 families, each riding between one and four times per week), so we have time to listen to each student, learn about his/her goals and dreams, and make them come true. Whether it's trail riding, jumping, gymkhana, pleasure riding or dressage, we've got you covered.

Our horses and ponies have taught hundreds of students to ride, and our instructors are friendly, upbeat, and come from a variety or riding backgrounds: hunter/jumper, dressage, English Pleasure, trail, gymkhana, showmanship, Western pleasure, and much more. The Horsemanship Academy community is tight knit, and we have events each month such as costume parties, ghost hunt trail rides, fun shows, clinics, and horse spa days. Many students make friends they see outside of the barn also.

The Horsemanship Academy lesson program is a well-balanced concoction of:

  • Improvement and enjoyment. Each lesson has moments of hard work and moments of pure joy and relaxation. That's because great riders are comfortable and skilled in equal proportions.

  • Guidance and independence. Teaching beginners, we stay close and keep lessons small. We tend to do lots of work on the lunge line, so we can keep ponies and riders within arm's reach. As students progress, we exercises to explore more independently as well, in order to develop the timing and feel needed to excel on the horse.

  • Assertiveness and grace. As riders, we must learn to be leaders the horses can trust. We must learn to make snap decisions and enforce them. We must learn to use aids strong enough to be clear to the horses. Yet we cannot lose our temper, get angry, frustrated, punitive, or mean. Riders learn to be graceful and assertive all at once, always.

We are a licensed US Pony Club Riding Center, which means both that we are held to their standards of safety and education, and that our students can on US Pony Club horsemanship and riding lessons, obtain the US Pony Club Ratings, and participate in US Pony Club Rallies and other activities.

We require that all our students commit to at least one lesson time per week, and are not able to accommodate one-offs or short term clients.

Lesson Prices:

One Hour Small Groups, Half Hour Privates, and Hack/Lease Rides on school horses:

$280/month for once per week, $480/month for twice per week or siblings, $680 for three times per week or once per week for three siblings.



Third lease: $430 (third training $280 plus third board $150), includes two services (pony club, group lessons, hack rides, privates, schooling rides), one of which can be a private or schooling ride. Upgrade to two privates/schooling rides for $60/month. Also includes turnout once per week. Farrier and supplements are extra and vary by horse.


Half Lease, $620 (half training $395 and half board $225), includes three services (pony club, group lessons, hack rides, privates, schooling rides), one of which is a private or schooling ride. Upgrade to all privates and schooling rides for itional $60/month. Also includes two turnouts per week. Farrier and supplements are extra and vary by horse.


Full Lease: $1,140 (full training $690 and full board $450), includes five services (pony club, group lessons, hack rides, privates and schooling rides), 2 of which can be privates or schooling rides. Upgrade to one more private/schooling ride for $60/month. Also includes four turnouts per week. Farrier and supplements are extra and vary by horse.


Students taking group lessons at least once per week can a hack day per week for $250 per month if they don't mind that we may also use the horse for a lesson that day.



Horse Shopping:


$100 flat fee to look at a horse within 20 miles. $20 per hour over five for extra gas/time.


Adults Program

We do have a handful of adult riders in our program, each riding 1-3 times per week. Most of them lease and/or are enrolled in private lessons – although we have adults who participate in group lessons as well, and parents who join their children's lessons. In addition, we offer Horsemasters, which is Pony Club for adults, with a proven curriculum that allows you to progress through the levels and pass ratings for each one. Our adult riders also participate in dressage shows on and off site. Same pricing as for the regular program.


The best way to schedule a lesson is to either text (858) 692-8401 or email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You are welcome to call as well, but phone calls are difficult to return on a regular basis as we are outside with horses all day - this is a challenging environment for phone calls. We are also happy to schedule a time for a phone conversation, just send us a text message or email to do so. A typical week, we check emails once per day Monday through Saturday, and text messages/voicemails before and after lessons each day. Unless there is a major emergency, we do not use phones during lessons, as we want to keep our entire focus on the students.