Sarene Caiazza

Me and horses, one word



Proudest accomplishment

Probably staying on the horse during “Worst Ride Ever” described below.

More recently, witnessing huge leaps of progress in students after trying some creative drills.


Learn from my mistake

I hope that I do this all the time


Greatest Inspiration

The students. And horses.


Worst Ride Ever

I went riding with my Dad and Uncle in Montana one summer when I was a kid. The horses we borrowed must have been in the habit of racing back to the barn from way out in the fields, because my Uncle yelling “Yah!” resulted in all three taking off. My partner for the day, “Zipper” was particularly creative in choosing a shortcut through the trees at full speed, and so all I could do was keep my head down and hold on.

This was probably also my Best Ride Ever.


Teaching style/specialties

I tend to incorporate games and creative drills to keep it interesting for riders of all levels, and I especially love teaching beginner/intermediate riders strong fundamentals that translate to any discipline.


If I weren't an instructor

Who knows?